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L75 UHS Premium Clearcoat

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L75 UHS Premium Clearcoat

When combined with matching BAXT thinners and hardeners the L75 UHS Premium Clearcoat is suitable for a multitude of painting scenarios and temperature preferences. For example, DTC claim that drying time on a 60˚C bake can result in a dry time of just 15 minutes.

“The benefits of a faster drying product are numerous, the obvious one is that it allows for reduced polishing time, and thus reduced spend per project.” Says Kevin Mitchell, Direct Tool Company’s Product Specialist. “This may not be the first lacquer promising rapid drying properties, the L75 is however, the first fast drying UHS clearcoat I have come across that also offers exceptional flow characteristics and really does set like glass.”

  • Easy application

  • Excellent overflow

  • Excellent gloss

  • Quick drying - 15min @ 60˚C

  • Can be polished immediately after cooling

  • High durability

  • Resistant to yellowing

  • Compliant to voc420


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5L Clearcoat + 2.5L Standard Dry Hardener£99.00£69.00
5L Clearcoat + 2.5L Fast Dry Hardener£99.00£69.00
Medium Hardener 2.5L£69.00

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